Book Carriers



What is a book carrier?

Book carriers are not only enable you to carry your favourite read out and about but also protects and keeps your books pristine for longevity. For those who like to pass books on, can do so in the knowledge that they are as good as new.

Book carriers have been around for Centuries as early as biblical times people used a book carrier. So it is of no surprise that many people use a Bagabook carrier to protect their bible.

For anyone who has visited the Mary Rose museum it is fascinating to see the book carriers that were miraculously preserved as the ship sank in 1545 and was not raised until 1982 when conservation began.


What is a Bagabook Book Carrier?

Even in this modern era there are still millions of people who prefer to read a book. Turning every page of a novel somehow enchants the reader.

Today the book reader can be forgiven for feeling a little intimidated to switch to an electronic device, but with an amazing book carrier like Bagabook, help is at hand to give the book reader a practical, fashionable solution so you can read at ease wherever, however you travel and in style.

Our stunning book carriers add a touch of class to your outfit, so if you prefer the chic conservative look or wish to make a bold statement, Bagabook carriers have something to suit everyone.

Bagabook book carriers exclusively have an attached bookmark, penholder, and pocket for travelcard with an easy to close magnetic clasp. Many of our ranges have a back zip pocket to hold small personal items.

Bagabooks 17th Century World Map book carrier under licensed with the British Library is made from beautiful cotton satin.

Bagabooks innovation of bringing the book carrier into the 21st century, hence keeping our books alive for many more years to come.