Book Covers




Bagabook has many types of book covers available, with free shipping. Our stunning book cover ranges have the practicality to allow you to carry and protect your book, keeping your reading private, also ideal for bibles, notepad, diary or calendar. Feel stylish however, wherever you travel.


With such  busy lives in this modern world, most of us feel to start the day with our favourite read, relaxing us  on our daily commute to  work, but with the hustle and bustle of travel one could be forgiven for thinking that getting a book in & out of our bag, without exposing our personal belongings to theft or loss is hardly a stress free journey. But don’t despair! help is at hand, with Bagabooks practical book cover.


It  comes with an attached bookmark so you are never left struggling to save your page and an easy to close magnetic clasp for easy exit at your journeys end. Intellectually designed with an inside pocket for easy access to your travelcard, or magnetic cards may just be swiped at the barriers. With a penholder and discreet back pocket to hold small personal items such as your cell/mobile phone and cash, keeping everything you need for you journey close at hand. What could be simpler? Our beautiful, stylish book covers enable you to read at ease with all the panache a traveller demands. no book lover will ever feel old hat when they carry a Bagabook. So whether, it’s by plane, train or boat be sure your journey will be a pleasant one with an authentic, sophisticated Bagabook.


 Our chic tote bags, Bagabook, iPad and kindle pouches, in fabulous durable canvas, with matching georgette scarves are all in our exquisite in house designs and a smart accessory for any outfit. Bagabooks are also available in  chic mock croc, leopard print and  retro style. So whether your choice is the printed version of your favourite read or the eBook, feel assured you can travel in style.


Junior book covers:


For the younger reader in your life, choose from Palena the Pony book cover, made from durable canvas material or the Favourite British children’s author Jacqueline Wilson, Tracy Beaker book cover, made from faux satin.


Children will love carrying this exquisite book bag, meeting all their needs, it’s fun, fashionable and practical, anything that encourages reading at an early age is something we all aspire to achieve for children. Ideal to carry notepad or colouring book, so for a happier journey or simply something to keep your children amused when they are out & about Bagabook book cover has got to be the parents’ choice!