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Bagabook comes with an attached bookmark so you are never left struggling to save your page and an easy to close magnetic clasp for easy exit at your journeys end. Intellectually designed with an inside pocket for easy access to your travelcard, while magnetic cards remain and simply place your book bag on touch out screen barriers. With a penholder and discreet back pocket to hold small personal items such as your cell/mobile phone and cash, keeping everything you need for your journey close at hand. What could be simpler? Our beautiful, stylish book covers enable you to read at ease with all the panache a traveller demands. No book lover will ever feel old hat when they carry a Bagabook. So whether, it’s by plane, train or sea be sure your journey's a pleasant one with an authentic, sophisticated Bagabook. If you are unsure if our book covers will fit your book or bible, please Contact Us

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Candy Stripe Book - Journal Cover in Durable Canvas

Debra Hall, 10 December 2015
I can use this year upon year as a cover for my A5 sized diaries. Thank you. Love the colours!