Wholesale Gifts


What can Bagabook offer the retail market?

Unique book covers that not only suit the book and stationery world but also the wider spectrum of the gift market.

Our collection comes in an array of designs and colours, to suit a variety of taste.

Avid book lovers who like to step out in style & with panache, can do so with our fabulous range of book bags,

and complete their wardrobe with our exquisite accessories of tote bags and scarves.




Why choose a book bag from Bagabook?

Bagabook was born out of personal need so this unique cover can offer something that sets us apart from the rest,

by allowing the reader, to read & go without the book needing to leave its cover.

Our special features include an attached bookmark, penholder, slot for travel ticket and an inner support to allow books of variable size & thickness

to fit comfortably making Bagabook stand out from the crowd.

Some of our ranges come with a discreet back pocket to carry mobile/cell phone & small personal items.

Practicality fused with fashion makes it a hit for journals, notebook, diary, calendar or organizer, it has also proved popular for bibles.




Bagabook’s iPad & Kindle covers come with our trade mark handle, giving the user the comfort in use and secure for carrying.




Low minimum order!

We don't require you to buy pieces by the dozen. Start small with 12 units 2 per style/colour, register here.